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ID Centre

If you're an authorised signatory or a manager responsible for administering Stansted’s ID pass scheme in your organisation, this site is for you. You can download forms, view the regulations, and make appointments.

We will continue to develop the content on this site and welcome your views and feedback.

Application Forms

Here you can find links to the relevant application forms when applying for passes for your company or organisation. Types of forms available include a full or 30-day going on to full pass, alongside change of ID application when requiring an update to your existing passes.

ID Pass Regulation

Download our ID Pass Standard document over the next page, handily organising the various means of regulating access to security restricted and airside sectors of our airport into one unifying read through.

Contact the ID Centre

Information such as service times and out of hours contact details for the ID Centre, including full address information, e-mail and telephone contacts.

Further Links