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Recycling "takes Off" At Stansted

24 February 2009

“Last year over 34% of airport waste was recycled at Stansted, a vast improvement from the 22.5% reported in 2007,” said Andy Sneddon, head of health and environment at Stansted Airport.

“But we’re committed to improving this performance even further and have already set ourselves the target to recycle over 40% of airport waste by the end of 2009.

“This is a firm commitment by BAA and one that we are already working towards. An investment of over £22,000 has been made to provide the new disposal units, that are being installed in over 30 locations throughout the terminal buildings, enabling passengers to separate recyclable material from general waste.

“The new dedicated bins to recycle card, paper, plastic and cans, will allow passengers to separate these wastes into dedicated streams for sorting and recycling off-site.

“Customer feedback has told us that passengers expect to play their part and have become accustomed in recycling habits, so we’re delighted to roll out these new facilities that will allow passengers to play an active role in the recycling chain here at Stansted.