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Airport Initiative To Boost Business And Community Links

17 Mar 2014

Stansted Airport is embracing the opportunity to become a more sustainable business by launching a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that aims to further strengthen business and community relationships.

The interactive ‘Stansted Airport Community Network’ provides links and advice to neighbouring businesses about how they can join forces with the airport and participate in a range of education, employment and volunteering projects to help make the local community a more vibrant place to live and work.

STN Community Network

Andrew Harrison, Stansted Airport’s Managing Director, said:

"At Stansted our values and what we stand for really matter and we recognise that for a modern business it is not just what we do but how we do it, and this is why we are setting up the Community Network. We are excited about the airport’s future and have an ambitious vision to be the best airport in London. We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders, particularly our local communities and businesses to ensure they share the benefits of our success. Our sustainability programmes on education and employment contribute to the economic growth in our region and we’re increasingly integrating sustainability within all areas of our business.

"We’re rightly proud of what we have achieved so far and we recognise that continued success can only be realised by working in partnership with our business and community partners. The Network will help us bring together the airport’s corporate responsibility initiatives and provide ideas on how business partners can get involved and give a little back to the community."

The Network offers useful information on how businesses can benefit from the support of the on-site Employment Academy if they’re looking to recruit and train new employees. Also available is advice on community volunteering schemes and work experience initiatives. As the Network grows the airport will further develop the website and share further information about distributing e-newsletters and details on how to advertise on the site.

For further information about the Stansted Airport Community Network visit http://www.stanstedacn.com/

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