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MAG Responds To Heathrow And Gatwick Airport Comments Regarding Airports Commission Interim Report

12 Dec 2013

M.A.G Chief Executive, Charlie Cornish, said:

“We firmly believe all credible options should be considered and taken forward for more detailed assessment during the next phase of the process. We also believe that Stansted is the right place for new capacity.

According to the Commission’s sift criteria, Stansted scores highly as a cost effective and environmentally sound option for new capacity, especially against other options put forward. Stansted can also play a big role in driving economic growth so significant weight should be attached to the economic and social benefits new capacity to the east of London would bring.

“This is not, and should not be a two horse race. Heathrow and Gatwick appear to be attempting to make this the case to suit their own agendas. We believe this is wrong as it doesn’t best serve the UK’s future aviation needs.”