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Stansted Backs ‘A Fair Tax On Flying’ Calling On Government To Cut Aviation Tax

22 Aug 2012

Stansted Airport is just one of the leading names in the UK travel industry backing ‘A Fair Tax On Flying’ campaign, calling on Government to cut Air Passenger Duty (APD), which was increased by a further 8% in the Budget earlier this year.  

Through social media and its dedicated website www.afairtaxonflying.org the campaign has gathered momentum with over 100,000 constituents nationwide contacting MP’s to highlight concerns, with over 10% of those coming from the East of England.

APD is a charge levied on all passengers departing UK airports and since its introduction in 1994 the UK is now the most expensive country in the World, currently charging £13 per passenger on short-haul flights and between £65 and £92 on long-haul connections.  

Speaking about Stansted’s involvement the airport’s Managing Director, Nick Barton said:

“Countries including Holland and Denmark clearly recognise the negative impact high rates of flight tax have on inward investment and tourism and have either scrapped or significantly reduced the rates they charge.  When Holland scrapped their version of aviation tax, they found the tax actually cost the Dutch economy four times more than the revenue it raised.

“In fact, the UK is now only one of six European countries still imposing this tax and we charge twice the amount of the next most expensive country, Germany.

“We had no hesitation in lending our support and I would encourage anyone that agrees APD is now too high, but hasn’t yet pledged their support, to do so via the dedicated website afairtaxonflying.org.”

Essex Chambers of Commerce also recognises the negative impacts high rates of APD have on inward investment and economic growth. Speaking on behalf of the Chamber, Chief Executive, Denise Rossiter said:

“Research carried out by British Chambers of Commerce found that APD could cost the UK economy somewhere in the region of £10billion in lost growth and up to quarter of a million jobs over the next 20 years.
“If we are serious about an export-led recovery then we need to ensure our aviation taxes are competitive and fair. The Government needs to act now and reduce the level of APD”

To find out more and to pledge your support visit www.afairtaxonflying.org

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