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Stansted On Track For Rail Boost In Time For London Olympics

30 Nov 2009

Passengers flying into Stansted for the 2012 London Olympics will benefit from new and longer trains on the Stansted Express, delivering them to the heart of the City hosting the Games.

This was the headline news from Stansted's tenth, Olympic themed, Transport Forum where Hugh Sumner, Director of Transport for the Olympic Delivery Authority, spoke about the challenges of moving millions of athletes, visitors and media around the UK, both before and during the Games, and for the Paralympic Games two weeks later.

"The Olympics is the world's biggest event, and among our major challenges will be keeping London and the UK moving, while at the same time building a lasting legacy for East London and beyond, " he said.

David Magliano, Director of Marketing for the winning bid back in 2005, which brought the Olympics to London, also gave an inspiring speech on how it was achieved.

The Forum, which showcases the airport's continuous work in encouraging more passengers and employees to use public transport, built on last year's successful launch of its Surface Access Strategy - Leading the Way Forward.

David Johnston, Stansted's Managing Director and chair of the Forum, said: "I take great pride in the fact that we remain in the top position among major UK airports in achieving 47 per cent of air travellers using trains, coaches and buses for their journeys to and from Stansted.

"I'm also delighted that the new rolling stock earmarked for the Stansted Express remains on track for delivery by the end of 2011. This is fantastic news for both the airport and local the community. The arrival of the new trains will help ensure every visitor, athlete and official has the best 'first and last' impression of both Stansted and the UK when attending the 2012 Olympics."

John Pope, Head of Passenger Transport at Essex County Council and Chair of the Bus and Coach Working Group, said: "The achievement of 47 per cent of passengers using public transport is remarkable because Stansted does not have an underground like Heathrow, is not on the edge of a conurbation like Gatwick and Manchester and has no major rail connections, like Birmingham.

"Stansted's in the middle of the Essex countryside yet passengers are using buses, coaches and trains to get to and from the airport in ever increasing numbers."

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