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Our Customer Service Performance

As part of the economic regulation of Stansted Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) introduced a service quality rebate scheme which started on 1 April 2009, with the aim of improving service standards at Stansted.

This scheme covers service quality performance, specifically the serviceability (availability) of the following equipment:

Passenger Sensitive Equipment (PSE), which includes lifts, escalators, travellators (moving walkways), and the track transit system.

Other equipment in the scheme, including: outbound baggage system, arrivals baggage reclaim belts, fixed electrical ground power (for aircraft on stands), stands, jetties.

It also includes the following areas of the airport:

  • Queuing at the departures security search area, and the availability of pier service for aircraft.
  • Passenger perception of the availability of seating in the departures lounge, the quality of flight information systems, how easy it is to find their way around, and the cleanliness of toilets and concourse areas within the terminal buildings.
  • Performance standards have been set by the CAA. If Stansted Airport fails to achieve any of these then rebates are paid to the Stansted-based airlines. Some elements within the scheme have a higher rebate penalty than others.

The maximum amount of rebate penalty currently payable is 7 per cent of airport charges income. This means that approximately £8.5m at Stansted is 'at risk'.

Performance history to date

The following Service Quality Rebate reports are in PDF format and open in a new window.

2014 performance

2013 performance

2012 performance

2011 performance

2010 performance

2009 performance