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Arriving & Departing

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Welcome to London Stansted Airport - representing an international hub of air travel where we aim to provide passengers arriving and departing the airport with an equally hassle free process. 


If you are arriving at Stansted Airport, find out all you need to know about ground transportation, alongside immigration and customs procedures to ensure a problem free trip through passport control. 

Book Passport Control FastTrack to benefit from access to a dedicated lane and faster route to Passport Control.


If you are departing from Stansted Airport we’ve got everything you need, from shops to online and self-service check-in, to make your outward journey a straightforward one.

Book Security FastTrack, a dedicated security lane enabling you to reach the departure lounge as quickly as possible.


Arriving at the Airport

Arriving at the Airport 

Find out more information on the security and logistical procedures to adhere to when making your way through Customs and Immigration. 

Several options are in place for checking your details through at Passport Control, with seperate queues available for EU and non-EU travellers. 

E-passport gates are a secure and convenient self-service alternative to the conventional border control process at London Stansted.

The system uses facial recognition technology to compare your face to the photograph recorded on the 'chip' in your passport. Once the checks are made, the gates will open automatically for you to go through.

Departing from the Airport

When departing from Stansted Airport, be sure to check your flight departure times with your airline or observe your personal ticket and online itinerary information. 

Further information can be provided through our Live Flight Departures section and Flight Timetables area for charter and scheduled flight timetables.

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