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Passport Control FastTrack FAQ

What is Passport Control FastTrack?

Passport Control FastTrack is aimed at making your arrival at Stansted Airport as quick and simple as possible. On arrival at the passport control area, you will be greeted at the exclusive FastTrack lane by a dedicated host. You will then follow the standard border control and passport checks conducted by UK Border Force before entering the Baggage Reclaim area or Arrivals. 

Who is eligible for Passport Control FastTrack?

Bookings must be made by someone over the age of 18. Simply purchase here or as part of your car park booking.

Please note bookings must be made online and by midnight the day prior to your scheduled arrival date.

The service is not available to passengers arriving from Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

A maximum of 9 passes can be purchased per booking. 

I’m travelling with my family, can we all use the service?

All passengers will need to purchase a pass for access to the Passport Control FastTrack service, including children and small infants. 

Why use Passport Control FastTrack?

The service is ideal for those wanting the shortest wait at Passport Control. Ideal for business travellers, long weekend holiday makers and those travelling without checked-in luggage. 

When is the service available?

The Passport Control FastTrack lane is open from 7am to 2am Monday to Sunday. 

How much does it cost?

Passport Control FastTrack is £7.00 per person. 

How far in advance am I able to book?

You can book Passport Control FastTrack up to 12 months in advance. 

Can I book Passport Control FastTrack on the day of arrival?

Bookings must be made by 11.59pm the day prior to your scheduled arrival date at Stansted Airport. 

Why is it more suited to those travelling without checked-in luggage?

Passport Control FastTrack aims to give you the quickest access to Passport Control using the exclusive lane, so it is ideal for passengers who don’t need to wait in Baggage Reclaim for their bags to be delivered by the airlines. 

How do I know that my wait in Passport Control will be as short as possible?

We have set a limit of 50 passes per hour to ensure that our FastTrack lane is not oversubscribed and is only available to passengers who have purchased the use of this exclusive service. 

Is the service ever cancelled?

There may be exceptional operational circumstances that may require us to cancel the service and in this case we will give you a full refund. 

I purchased Passport Control FastTrack prior to my flight; however, when I arrived to the passport control area there was no queue in the standard lanes – can I get a refund?

There is no refund available in this case. 

Does this service allow me to skip the passport checks and the border control?

No, the border and passport control checks are mandatory. 

I am a non-EU citizen. Do I still need to fill out a landing card?

Yes, the border controls and process remain exactly the same for Passport Control FastTrack lane passengers. 

Am I able to cancel Passport Control FastTrack?

Yes, we understand that sometimes things change. You will be able to either amend your booking following the procedure detailed in your confirmation email. Cancellation must be made up to 24 hours prior to your travel date. 

Can I transfer my Passport Control FastTrack to another date?

Yes you will be able to amend the date of your booking. 

However, if you have booked Passport Control FastTrack with Car Parking you will not be able to transfer to another date unless you change your Car Park booking dates. 

What payment methods are accepted?

Delta; MasterCard; Solo; Switch; VISA, Paypal 

How do I know that my booking has been accepted?

Once you’ve finished the booking process, you will receive a confirmation email that you will need to present to the host at the Passport Control FastTrack lane. This can be printed or shown on your mobile phone. 

Where do I go once I’ve disembarked from my aircraft?

Simply follow the signs to Passport Control, Arrivals or Baggage Reclaim and on arrival at Passport Control the lane will be highlighted. 

What happens if my flight is late and I arrive during a different hour – will I still be able to use FastTrack if the total 50 pax per hour limit would then be exceeded?

If you are delayed we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the Passport Control FastTrack lane and it is at the Airport’s discretion whether you are permitted to use the Passport Control FastTrack lane.