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Top Tips Travel Money

Relax in the knowledge that you have got the most from your travel money with the following Top Travel Money Tips:

  1. Plan ahead for your holidays: search your destination costs (tipping, food, drinks and activities) and research  potential money restrictions – when there is a limit on the cash you are allowed to bring into a country, consider a moneycorp prepaid card
  2. When exchanging your money, ask for the total cost - including any hidden charges - before making the trade, so you don’t end up paying more than expected.
  3. Don’t wait to arrive at your destination to exchange your money. Arrange this before your go, so you can get the best rate possible.
  4. Reserve online in advance for better rates and convenient airport pick-up locations. It only takes a few minutes to reserve your currency and you don’t need to pay until you collect it. Reserve now at
  5. Ask for small and medium denominations, so you can pay for taxis, tips and other small costs. If you only have large notes, try to break them when arriving at your destination.
  6. Be careful when using your UK card abroad, as fees may be charged for payments and withdrawals -   be aware of any currency conversion when using your card.
  7. Use the explorer multi-currency MasterCard, a safe, secure and convenient way to carry your cash while travelling and exploring the world.
  8. Don’t lose out on your leftover currency, with the Buyback Guarantee offer: this guarantees that moneycorp will buy back your leftover currency at the same rate you bought it - commission free.
  9. Note down your card company’s customer service number, in case of emergency. It is also advisable to inform your bank that you are going on holiday.

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