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Engaging with young people, particularly those living in areas close to the airport, is a vital part of our work. We want to encourage and inspire young people to think about what the airport does, why it does it, and the career opportunities that are available to them now and in the future.

Over the last few years, M.A.G has recognised the growing importance of tackling youth unemployment and implemented a range of initiatives and projects to support young people into jobs at all of our airports. With high youth unemployment across the UK, a shortage of local skilled employees, and issues of numeracy, literacy and low aspiration, the Stansted team has worked in partnership with training providers to equip local residents with important skills that will help them to find work, either at the airport or with another employer.

We will strengthen our links with local schools and colleges and skills providers, to help bridge the gap between the classroom and the word of work. 

If your school would like to arrange a landside tour of the terminal or would like to find out more about our community support please email

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