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If you live or work near an airport, there will almost certainly be times when you hear aircraft, and while millions of us enjoy flying every year, there is a noisy and sometimes distressing downside for some.

Here at London Stansted we are committed to being a good neighbour and we continually work with airlines, National Air Traffic Services (NATS), local Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Government agencies to do as much as possible to minimise the noise impact on the local community.

Although as an airport owner, we don’t tell the aircraft operators where to fly, nor do we set the routes that they fly, we do closely monitor and share information about what is happening, and act as a go-between for the local community and the wider aviation industry.

This noise section of our website is designed to help give a better understanding of the various aspects of aircraft noise by giving clear and factual information.


Departure Track Keeping Trial - Improving Performance

Through feedback from local communities, we have developed with the CAA, NATS and the Airport Consultative Committee, an innovative departure track keeping trial called RNP1.

This is a first for any UK Airport. The aim of the trial is to fly turns more accurately on departure to reduce the usual spread of tracks within the 3km wide departure corridor.

The report is based on the first 18 months of data from those aircraft that were permitted to fly the RNP1 departures.

Departure Track Keeping Trial
Noise In Your Area

Noise In Your Area

If you live in close proximity to the airport, or are thinking of relocating near to the airport in the future, our Noise In Your Area section provides detailed information about tracking flights in your area, alongside maps of known flight paths of air traffic.

Noise from Specific Operations

View information and factsheets on noise procedures for specific operations in presenting the amount of variables involved with controlling noise output at the airport. Find out about Ground Noise, what happens in the event of an airplace being unable to land, alongside rules and restrictions on night flights in our airspace.

Specific Operations
Investigating a Noise Disturbance

Investigating a Noise Disturbance

Use our free self-service investigation service in WebTrack, allowing collective monitoring of flight tracking and noise data collected throughout each day at Stansted Airport. Complaints can also be registered through this system, helping maintain the Department for Transport (DfT) regulations on set flight paths and aircraft noise levels.

Our Noise Performance

Economic benefits for the airport and travel industry as a whole have to be weighed against the potential for disruptive aircraft operations, representing a delicate balance of profitable tourism and job opportunities against minimal impact on the surrounding communities.

We constantly monitor our performance in various areas each year with the aim of reducing all noise related complaints and infringements.

Noise Performance
Who Does What

Who Does What

Monitoring and reducing the impact of aircraft related noise complaints in the surrounding areas of Stansted Airport requires sufficient assistance from a wide range of bodies and organisations. These various groups include key government arms, such as the Department for Transport (Dft), with more information on the roles of the key parties involved available in this section.

Future Plans

Find out more about our plans for the future in terms of strategies to manage aircraft related noise. Well established procedures are in place from extensive monitoring and reporting of aircraft noise issues throughout the last two decades, with foresight into future aviation technology and night noise consultations forming part of our ongoing plans.

Future Plans
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your query across any of the pages in the Noise section, then here you will find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions across the aircraft noise related sectors of Flight Paths, Night Operations and Complaints.

NATS Flight Path Consultation

Air traffic control provider, NATS, completed a 12-week consultation which garnered the views and opinion on the public in an effort to modernise, simplify and make the airpace around Stansted Airport as efficient as possible.

NATS Flight Path

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