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Romantic Escapes

From candlelit tables in Verona to soaring symphonies in Vienna and rooftop cocktails in Marrakech, some of the world’s most romantic settings are but a short flight away this Valentine’s…

Verona Evening


As the setting for Shakespeares's tale of star-crossed lovers in Romeo & Juliet, Verona will forever be the destination of choice for romantics in the Veneto Region of Italy.

Guided romantic events allow you to follow the path of the ill-fated couple through iconic courtyard spots and a bronze statue of Juliet, while candlelit restaurants and poetry readings offer an immersive insight into Sheakespeare's citadel muse.

Aside from bringing to life one of romantic fiction's most revered works, the city has a raft of genuine history to explore. Medieval palaces and churches are scattered along meandering cobbled streets, while a variety of wine tasting spots and picture perfect sunset strolls ensure Verona is a place to either fall in love or cement a lifetime union.


The Scottish capital's blend of medieval mysticism and wide range of ready-made romantic hotspots make the city a top UK destination for undulated romance.

Edinburgh Castle may appear to be a foreboding structure at first, although the captivating hilltop views from below and the castle ground walks above offer the ideal scene for hand-in-hand walks as a fitting gateway into the nation's fascinating history.

Cultured and fun-filled activities include visits to local whisky bars along the famous Royal Mile, where you can sample varying blends at specialist shops, before purchasing your preferred concoction.

Couples sharing a love of the silver screen can sample an eccentric independent film at either Cameo cinema and the Filmhouse on Lothian Road.


Edinburgh Hilltop View


Vienna's ability to evoke romance has been undoubted throughout it's culturally attuned history.

The adopted home of Mozart and the Viennese Waltz, Vienna's underlying soundtrack has seen the city develop into an intoxicating haze of imperial architecture and white horses and carriages, sauntering past couples meandering as if time itself stood still.

To prepare you for a romantic visit to Vienna, Richard Linklater's cult romance classic 'Before Sunrise' takes you on a near-real time journey through Vienna's most intimate spots, as a fitting ode to the city running in time to a symphony of love.


Exotic and dreamlike Marrakech is an enticing cocktail of bazaars, palaces, tombs, palmeries and mosques, Moorish architecture and colourful food. Wind down with a couple’s treatment in a hammam, which is often romantically lit with candles and infused with floral aromas.

Finish the day with a sunset glide over the city in a hot air balloon. Lay your heads in a boutique riad in the medina; for added romance, spend the evening up high away from the bustle of the streets, on one of the many rooftop terraces. 

Amsterdam Evening


Where else would you be able to saunter along wide tree-lined avenues and pretty canal paths on a bicycle made for two? As well as its famous party-loving side, Amsterdam is a highly romantic destination: a place to kick back and watch the world go by from a café, or hire a salon boat and glide along famous waterways.

As night falls, see fairy lights turn cobbled streets and bridges into a twinkling picture-postcard scene – perfect for ambling arm in arm.