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Aerozone sets sights to inspire the next generation

Stansted Airport’s new Aerozone can be a catalyst to inspire a generation and encourage children to consider a career at the airport when they leave full time education.

Stansted welcomes over two million more passengers in 2014

  • Annual passenger numbers grow by 12% in 2014 to 19.98 million.
  • Two million more passengers use Stansted in 2014 than previous year
  • Busiest year for the airport since 2008
  • December saw passenger numbers increase by 250,000 (19%) on 2013

Stansted Airport welcomed over two million more passengers in 2014 than in the previous 12 months as 19.98 million passengers passed through making it the UK’s fastest growing airport. The 12% annual increase ensured it was the busiest year for Stansted since 2008.