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What's Changing and When

Relocating and extending the security search area was the focus of the first phase of the project, this has now been done along with certain check-in zones.

As part of the security project a designated 'Calm Zone' will be introduced on your journey between security and the main departure lounge. At five times larger than the previous space this area has been dedicated to allow passengers a quiet moment to re-collect belongings and prepare for the onward journey.

New Domestic Arrivals

As part the terminal transformation we have now opened our new domestic arrivals route which now has a dedicated waiting area for anyone waiting for passengers to arrive.



  • Summer - New Duty Free store opened
  • Summer - First phase of new shopping areas open


  • Summer - Completion of new food and beverage outlets
  • Autumn - Full opening of all shopping and fashion areas
  • End of year - Completion of the project

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