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About Procurement

About the Procurement Team

The procurement team procures and manages a range of contracts on behalf of Stansted, from maintenance and professional services to IT hardware and utilities - essentially all goods and services required to keep our airport operational, with an annual spend of about £60million.

In conjunction with Airport Management and our Finance Transaction Team, Procurement are responsible for the overall purchasing process in the company, from raising a requisition to paying supplier invoices.

Our Procurement Policy

Stansted is committed to competitively procuring from the marketplace to achieve the best value whilst minimising risk for the business.  All Procurement activities will be guided by the following principles:

Ethical practices

Procurement practices will be fair, open, transparent and professional.

All those involved in the Procurement process will abide by the company code of ethics and adhere to the Professional Conduct Policy and any other related policies, procedures and documents.

All individuals carrying out Procurement activities will raise any suspicions relating to unethical / unlawful practices in accordance with the Professional Conduct Policy.

In order to ensure that there is a robust segregation of duties, all Procurement activities and procedures will as far as is practically possible adopt the principle of having more than one approver for key controls, including systems and non-system approvals.

Focus on safety and sustainability

All those involved in Procurement activities must adhere to the company Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

All Procurement activities will follow the Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Effective sourcing and contract management to deliver value for money

All Procurement activities will adhere to company financial governance and all individuals carrying out Procurement activities will adhere to applicable law.

Sourcing activities leading to the award of a contract and/or a purchase order must follow the Sourcing and Supplier Approval Procedure.

All supplier contracts should be based on company contract templates or Purchase Order terms and conditions.

In order to maintain contract value over the term of the agreement, all contracts must include a clear and effective contract management methodology.

Continuous improvement

All company Procurement staff will receive appropriate training to support the successful achievement of this policy.

A Procurement Strategy will be maintained, being updated and approved by the company Board annually.

A Procurement Plan that supports the company and Procurement strategy will be maintained and regularly updated.

Effective Management of Risk

Procurement activities will ensure that risks to the company are recognised and mitigated within policies, procedures and day-to-day activities, including:

Financial, including authorisations, value for money and payments.

Supplier liabilities and insurances.

Segregation of duties.

What We Buy

What We Buy

The Procurement team is responsible for the purchase of all services, goods and equipment necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the airport, to a value of about £60 million.

Our main spend categories are:

  • Advertising, Marketing and Communications.
  • Consultancy services facilities – including staff catering, cleaning, maintenance and security.
  • HR Services – including recruitment, training and employee benefits.
  • IT & Telecoms – including hardware and software.
  • Supplies & Products – including vehicles, engineering spares and uniforms etc.
  • Utilities – electricity, gas and biomass fuel.

Our Sustainable Procurement Policy

Our policy commitment is to:

Continuously seek to understand and improve our sustainability performance and work with our suppliers to ensure that innovation and new ways of working are utilised wherever practical to reduce the company’s overall impact on the immediate and wider environment.

  • To develop appropriate annual sustainability targets.
  • Seeking out and using best practice solutions to reduce pollution, emissions and waste by using products from sustainable sources wherever practical.
  • Ensuring compliance with all legal and statutory requirements and with all other requirements relevant to the activities of the company.
  • Ensure that sustainability objectives are considered in our selection of new suppliers.
  • Actively participate in local and regional business events and forums to ensure the promotion of opportunities within the company supply chain.
  • Appropriately provide information on and communicate STAL business opportunities to local and regional businesses.
  • Seeking to influence and work with our third party suppliers, local and national chain partners to drive effective sustainability performance.
  • Providing a framework for setting and reviewing sustainability objectives and targets with our supply base.
Our Sustainable Procurement Policy
Standard Purchase Order conditions of trading

Standard Purchase Order Conditions of Trading

The Stansted Terms and Conditions for the purchase of goods and/or services are our minimum conditions of trading. 

In addition to these, there is an extensive suite of contract forms available to use for different procurement requirements. 

All items will be procured using the correct Stansted form of contract for the works, services or goods being procured. They will identified and made available at the time of tender.

Stansted operates a 'No PO, No Pay policy', please do not provide any works, services or goods without a valid Contract / PO.


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