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Airport property is essential to the effective operation of the airport itself. We provide over 300,000 sq.m. (3,230,000 sq.ft.) of commercial accommodation at Stansted Airport, from offices to fuel facilities, airline lounges to aircraft hangars. We work with more than 200 businesses that are heavily reliant on the availability of accommodation, the quality of our property management and our commitment to providing choice, quality, hospitality and value for money.

Locating your business at our airport provides many benefits:

  • Lease flexibility
  • Published rental guidelines
  • On-site customer-focussed property and services management
  • Dedicated on-site support, emergency and security services
  • Audited standards of performance for property products and services
  • On-site development teams providing flexible and bespoke building solutions
  • An address that's instantly recognisable worldwide
  • 24 hour access to:
    • customer and business partners
    • key operations
    • banking, fast food, high street shops, 24 hours a day
    • utilities and services designed to keep a major airport running
  • Comprehensive transport links with easy access to London and the east of England.

Available property


Available space

Enterprise House Office suites available from 262 sq.ft. to 7,500 sq.ft.
Stansted House Office suites available from 140 sq.ft. to 3,800 sq.ft.
Airside Ramp Building Ramp Units available from 900 sq.ft. to 1,500 sq.ft.

In addition to the above we have hangars, CIP lounges, terminal desks and other terminal-based accommodation available.

If you would like further information about us, our services, or to know what airport property is currently available, please email You can also visit the MAG Property website.

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