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Moneycorp at Stansted Airport

About Moneycorp

Stansted airport has teamed up with exchange experts moneycorp, the UK’s only fully integrated foreign exchange provider operating in every aspect of the foreign exchange industry, to ensure you get competitive rates, convenience and value for money.

Products and services

Moneycorp is here to take care of all of your foreign exchange needs from travel money to international payments.

Travel money: Whether you are off on a family holiday, a trip around the world or business travel, moneycorp has bureaux across Stansted airport giving you quick and convenient access to over 90 currencies.

Reserve & collect: For the best travel money exchange rates, order your currency online and collect it at one of moneycorp’s Stansted airport branches.

Explorer multi-currency MasterCard®: Discover the explorer multi-currency MasterCard, a safe, secure and convenient way to carry your cash while travelling and exploring the world.

Buyback Guarantee: Moneycorp will buy back your leftover currency at the same rate that you bought it.

International Payments: If you have regular payments abroad or are considering buying abroad, our international money transfers offer substantial savings compared to you bank.

Bureaux de change opening hours & location

Moneycorp operates six bureaux de change across Stansted Airport departures and arrivals, offering you over 60 currencies at competitive rates.

Zone A

(Next to M&S)

Zone F

(Before Security)

After Security

(Before WDF)

Departure Lounge

Baggage Reclaim

International Arrivals


04:00 – 21:00

04:00 -21:00

04:00 – 23:00

06:00 – 01:45

06:00 – 23:00


Moneycorp ATMs are available before and after security across Stansted Airport offering you 24 hour access to Euro and Sterling at competitive rates. 

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