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About Figari

A gateway to Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio

Figari, situated on the island of Corsica, is in the Corse-du-Sud department of France. Its Figari-Sud Corse Airport serves the south of the island, making it a gateway to Bonifacio and the resorts of Porto Vecchio. Figari is blessed with both a coastal and mountainous backdrop, and offers a slower, more rural pace of life, while also being close to some of the busier areas of the island.

Figari’s history dates back to the Romans, and it was frequently invaded during the Middle Ages. There are several monuments you can visit to get a real sense of its history, including the San Quilico di Montilati, a small Romanesque chapel built in the 1600s. Other highlights include the Genoese towers in Corsica, almost 100 of which were built as coastal defences between 1530 and 1620, and which now stand as distinctive sights along Corsica’s coastline.