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French Holiday Destinations

Happy Bastille Day!

To celebrate the historic day of liberation and freedom in the history of the French people we're celebrating Bastille Day by showcasing some of the most inspiring French holiday destinations flying direct from London Stansted Airport.

French City Breaks

Nice holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


Not just nice

From the abundance of sun-kissed white sandy beaches and forests of beachside super-yachts, Nice is no stranger to luxury and glamour. Sat on the sparkling Côte d’Azur, Nice has seaside glamour in abundance. Bronzed limbs and designer sunglasses fill the pebbled beach, shiny yachts sway en mass in the pristine harbour and exclusive nightspots keep revellers dancing through the night.

Culture buffs have plenty of museums and galleries to explore, and a wander through the atmospheric lanes of the Old Town leads to all manner of inviting bars and culinary gems.


Marseille holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


Drink deeply from the rich history of this historic maritime magnate

This bustling port city is a fascinating medley of classical architecture, thriving popular culture and busy harbor life.

Marseille’s Vieux-Port is its lively and historic heart. Within its ancient stone walls, boats of all shapes and sizes ply the gleaming water, and its popular morning fish market is piled high with the catches of the day.

Leisurely hours are easily filled with museums and cafés, and for an island escape hop on the ferry to the sun-bleached rocky isles of the Frioul archipelago.

South Of France Holidays

Bordeaux holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


Birthplace of the beautiful wine

A historic UNESCO-listed city centre; flower-filled parks and gardens with charming monuments, picturesque ponds and contemporary sculptures; seriously sumptuous eateries, cosy cafés and stylish bistros. And that’s before even mentioning the wine.

From the medieval cobbles of the St Pierre district to the sweeping horseshoe of the Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux is an intriguing beauty with much to see and do. Experience the region’s famous vineyards in all their glory by cycling one of the delightful wine routes.

Lyon holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


A culinary adventure

Lyon is a food lover’s dream. This beacon of gastronomy has the largest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in France outside Paris, and notable chefs have set up here in their droves.

As well as delighting in crisp white table cloths laden with delectable fine dining, no trip to Lyon is complete without pulling up a chair in a rustic bistro and sampling its local specialities, such as the meaty Saucisson de Lyon.

Biarritz holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


The holiday hot spot of French nobility

Part glam hangout, part surf mecca, Biarritz is a coastal beauty that’s always buzzing. This bastion of old-school French class has enough designer shops, swanky restaurants and high-end hotels to satisfy the most discerning of visitors, while one look at the waves crashing onto the golden beach is enough to see why surfers head here in their masses.

A stroll around the headland leads to flatter waters and quieter coves, offering a lovely backdrop for relaxed family beach life.

French Skiing Destinations

Grenoble ski holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


Nestled amongst the footsteps of the French Alps

Snuggly settled at the foot of the French Alps, Grenoble is a paradise of ski and outdoor adventures, where the natural majesty of Grenoble's alpine landscape plays host to an impressive variety of ski chalets and resorts, perfect for a family ski holiday away from the city.

At just a short train journey from France's thriving cosmopolitan centres of fashion and culture, the grandeur of Grenoble is no less inspiring or sought after, both for it's natural beauty and exciting gourmet cuisine. Perfectly placed just a short distance from two of France's most beloved national forests, the Parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse and the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors, Grenoble provides the perfect blend of daytime winter sports and exciting night-time entertainment.

Grenoble provides the perfect haven for those looking to escape the city in favour of either a thrill-seeking winter holiday, invigorating walking tour, or simply to take in the extraordinary backdrop of the mountainous skyline from the luxurious comfort of the many mountain ski chalets. For those looking to hone their extreme winter sports skills, Grenoble's custom-built winter sports activity centres, such as the Maison de la Monagne, provide the perfect way to prepare for the rigours of ice climbing and glacier hiking.

Perpignan holidays and city breaks from London Stansted Airport


A celebration of Catalan culture amongst the Pyrenees

Perpignan is a French destination like no other. Resting amongst the foothills of the Pyrenees and as the last French city before the border, the French city of Perpignan hums with the heady influence of Spanish culture to create a French city break with a delicious Spanish flavour. 

Much like its blend of cultures, Perpignan also offers a drastically varied seasonal offering. In summer the flower of Perpignan blooms to its most enchanting, where visitors can sample the famous fusion food of two of the world's most reputed passionate cultures in any one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants and authentic local diners that make up the medieval framework of the city.

History aficionados will stand in wonder when exploring the ancient architecture whilst strolling amongst the palm tree laden streets of this once fortified city. As the winter months approach, Perpignan provides the perfect base from which to take to the slopes and is a firm favourite for family ski holidays.