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Scandinavian Style


There are fewer Scandinavian cities which exude Scandinavian chic and elegance as much as Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

The most densely populated city making up the Nordic territories, Stockholm is home to a range of 13th-century era architecture to observe, which can mostly be found in the time-frozen old town setting of Gamla Stan. One of the best preserved medieval areas to be found across Europe, Gamla Stan represents a treasure trove of awe inspiring church and museum structures, allowing travellers to quite literally walk back in time through quaint cobblestone streets while taking in the varying hues of gold tinted buildings.

Contemporary Stockholm is equally impressive in its fashionable façade, where visitors can saunter through fourteen mini-islands, each pragmatically interconnected with bridges and walkways and exuding its own distinct character, with each offering an enticing blend of creative cuisine, immaculate design and alluring park space.


The Norwegian capital of Oslo has evolved from its seafaring Viking roots to create a uniquely unruffled modern city holding true to its maritime history.

A rejuvenated food scene rests at the heart of contemporary Oslo, where authentic Norwegian fare such as smørbrød sandwiches can be found at diners such as Grand Café, sitting alongside more traditional 1920’s themed eateries such as Justisen, while bohemian drinking houses appease the growing alternative crowds comprising young creatives and designers.

Cultural hotspots in the city include the tranquil waterfront setting of Oslo Opera House, which is reflective of the clean straight lines of Scandinavian design, featuring large glass panelled windows and a marble covered roof as a distinctive sight attracting walkers from across the city. 


Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Despite its relatively small size, Reykjavik is a cultural and design powerhouse brimming with cafes, museums and art galleries to accentuate its inimitable ambiance.

Iceland’s Reykjavik now ranks increasingly highly on the list of fashion bloggers, celebrities and travellers seeking out a Scandinavian city with effortless cool and forward thinking fashion designs, reflective of the nation as innovatively eccentric in many areas of industry.

There is much more to the city than enviable urban chic however, with natural wonders, including the geothermal area of Krýsuvík, and mesmerising landscapes abound, while the destination is also increasingly popular for observing the Northern Lights in all their effervescent splendour.