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Top European Food Destinations

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona


Sample the cream of Catalan cuisine when heading to Barcelona, where food lovers can rejoice in a city where the daily routine revolves intrinsically around mealtimes.

Based on traditional Mediterranean cooking styles, dishes found in the city tend to incorporate variations of freshly caught seafood, meats and herbal blends sourced from nearby mountain regions.

This defiantly natural form of cooking is best sampled in the famous Las Ramblas section of the city near the Gothic Quarter, where the La Boqueria markets boast the best of both local and international produce and delicacies, while one of the finest patisseries in Barcelona can found on the sun-kissed terraces of Carrer Petxina. When looking for the definitive Galician dining experience, look no further than the Galician Centre, where Galician cooking can be enjoyed alongside a library and activities hall.


The original home of Neapolitan cuisine can be found in the Bay of Naples, where a various culinary influences from shifts in control of the region down the ages has led to an intoxicating blend of pastas, vegetables, cheeses, meats and seafood based dishes, alongside the ultimate Neopolitan gift to the food world in the form of the finest authentic pizza recipes.

Alluring spots to enjoy authentic iterations of our favourite Italian meals includes La Stanza del Gusto. Spread over two-floors with colourfully clad decor, a diverse menu explores the finest culinary elements of the region, while Trattoria Castel dell’Ovo within the Borgo Marinari fisherman's quarter is a discerning choice for visitors seeking fresh fish and seafood at competitive prices.


Naples pizzeria
Vienna Dining Scene


The sophisticated essence of Vienna as the arts and music enthused capital of Austria wouldn’t be complete without an equally satisfying dining scene, which can be enjoyed from an array of sidewalk cafes and themed district cooking.

Viennese cuisine is the only cuisine across the globe to be named after a city, being characterised predominatly by delectable pastry based offerings. Staple dishes you won't want to miss during a trip to the city include the veal based Wiener schnitzel and Beuschel ragout, ensuring meat dish connoisseur will not be disappointed. 

Beyond sumptously creative meat offerings, Vienna's cultural diversity contains more than enough to appease every palate, with a broader range of dishes unique to the city including soups and imaginative vegetable dishes at the behest of chefs drawing upon a range of influence.



Portugal's capital city and epicentre of gourmet delights, Lisbon represents a veritable feast of the tastebuds, whether seeking out that finest salt cod in the Mediterranean or a delectable custard tart.

Having re-invented the wheel where traditional Portuguese dining is concerned, Lisbon's dining scene is now awash with innovation and palpable flavour. There are still the usual classic dishes available in rustic family owned tavernas, although a recent wave of petiscos, or Portuguese tapas bars, have given rise to eclectic menus where visitors can pick and choose between comforting staples with a twist.

Rustic themes chime with contemporary flair in both cuisine and decor at restaurants found in the Design District of Santos, where upscale restaurants and lounges combine with trendy loft spaces for more casual drinking affairs.

Pasteis de Belem