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Fly Stansted

Fly Stansted Spanish Destinations


Did you know? Every year thousands of adrenaline-seeking tourists still come to take part in Spain’s centuries old tradition of the running of the bulls.

Explore Barcelona

The unmistakable party style of Barcelona can only be described as distinctly Spanish.

Explore Madrid

Madrid is the epicentre of everything that this famously passionate country embodies.

Explore Seville

As the original home of tapas Seville is drenched in good taste and a must-see for foodies.

Fly Stansted France Destinations


Did you know? As one of the most popular destinations in the world France is one of the few countries where the visiting tourists will outnumber the entire country’s population.

Explore Lourdes

Lourdes is regarded by Christians around the world as a place of great religious importance.

Explore Nice

This sun-drenched seaside escape is the perfect example of cosmopolitan France at its best.

Explore La Rochelle

Dive into the real France with the relaxing and sun-blessed port town of La Rochelle.

Fly Stansted Italy Destinations


Did you know? Thanks to an impressive history of artistic innovation Italy is estimated to boast more masterpieces than any other country in the world.

Explore Venice

Beneath the Venetian mask of old world style Venice is working hard to maintain itself as one of the essential city-break destinations.

Explore Pisa

Home to the world’s most beloved architectural accident, the leaning tower is a must-see when visiting Italy.

Explore Turin

Glittering boutiques, fabulous hotels and a sophisticated modern restaurant scene make Turin a world-class destination.

Fly Stansted Germany Destinations


Did you know? The internationally beloved Oktoberfest beer festival regulary draws crowds of millions to join the party, dress up in traditional costume and sample some of Germany's world famous beer.

Explore Berlin

Germany’s capital city is one the great sights of Europe where living history can be found on every corner.

Explore Stuttgart

The famously luxurious city of Stuttgart is a hotbed of both business and culture.

Explore Munich

Stepping away from the traditional tourist-trail, Munich is the perfect base to take in the breathtaking German countryside.

Fly Stansted Poland Destinations


Did you know? Poland is world renowned for the outstanding selection of breweries and expertly crafted spirits.

Explore Gdansk

Right on the panoramic Baltic coast Gdansk buzzes with the energy and confidence of its own maturity.

Explore Krakow

The crown jewel of Polish city-breaks, Krakow is the luxury destination of choice for everyone from back-packers, to jet-set explorers.

Explore Wroclaw

The historic and truly international city of Wroclaw is a destination that can boast influences from across Europe.

Fly Stansted Greece Destinations


Did you know? You can journey through Greece's vast historical and cultural history at the annual Hellenic Festival, running across various sites in Athens from June-September. 

Explore Athens

One of the world's oldest cities, Athens showcases many of Greece's iconic shrines to the ancient Greek populous. 

Explore Corfu

The second largest island in the Ionian Sea is known for its refined beauty, including olive groves and luscious greenery.

Explore Rhodes

Regularly voted amongst the world's top travel spots, Rhodes endearingly combines historical significance with alluring nightlife.