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Annual Travel Insurance

Travellers that are planning to take multiple trips in a 12 month period are better suited to take out our Annual Multi trip package. Thanks to Manchester Airport’s partnership with Essential Travel you can benefit from award-winning Annual trip insurance.

Annual Multi Insurance is available for a fixed term of 12 months which can be renewed just before it expires. You are insured for an unlimited number of trips within that time frame, with cover for each trip lasting up to 45 days.

Policy benefits

  • From £23.09
  • Flexible insurance cover
  • Unlimited trips of up to 45 days
  • Choose from 4 degrees of cover
  • Insurance partnership with Essential Travel
  • Add policy Extras for more cover

Cover for a Delayed Departure

Your holiday is protected for prearranged public transport delays of 12 hours or more as you enter or leave the UK or Republic of Ireland. The cover is valid under Essential, Essential Plus and Superior cover levels for strikes, public transport breakdowns, and a closure of airspace due to volcanic eruptions (only on Superior cover levels).

Emergency Assistance

All customers are entitled to a free multilingual emergency hotline 24/7 when they take out their single trip policy with Essential Travel. This is just one more way that we ensure your complete peace of mind on holiday.

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