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Stansted Airport’s interim master plan remains a current document in relation to our single runway operation.  This interim master plan was subject to thorough local consultation and was further scrutinised as part of our G1 planning application

In March 2011, the Government published their scoping document ‘Developing a sustainable framework for UK aviation’ which will lead to an updated statement of Government policy on aviation.  In light of this, Stansted Airport proposes to carry out a comprehensive review of the master plan, to ensure it is aligned to the Government’s new policy, once the Government’s view on the responses to the scoping document is known.

Interim master plan

Stansted Airport's Interim master plan focuses primarily on development of the airport on the existing runway and the likely social, environmental and economic impact this will have.

Download the interim master plan (6,118KB PDF)

Download the accompanying drawings:

Drawing 1 (886KB PDF)

Drawing 2 (932KB PDF)

Drawing 3 (901KB PDF)

Drawing 4 (837KB PDF)

Drawing 5 (1,197KB PDF)

Drawing 6 (921KB PDF)

Drawing 7 (887KB PDF)