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Pick Up and Drop Off

We have a number of options available when picking up or dropping off at the airport, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

Express Set Down

  • Minimum charge £2.50 for 10 minutes
  • £2.50 for every minute thereafter
  • Follow signs for 'Express Set Down'
  • £20 fine will be charged for re-entering Express Set Down within 30 minutes of first entering.

Payment can be made via cash or debit card. This area is just for drop-off or pick-up and vehicles must not be left unattended. If you wish to park and go into the terminal we recommend you use either our Short Stay parking (Red or Green zone) or the free option in our Mid Stay car park.

Express Set Down and Pick Up
Short Stay Parking

Short Stay Car Park

  • Follow signs for 'Short Stay Car Park'

You can turn-up and park in the Red, Orange or Green zones in our Short Stay car parks.

Both are located within walking distance of the terminal, with Red zone being the closest. Ideal if you want to accompany passengers or head into the terminal to meet someone. See our Turn Up and Park section for all prices.

Free Facility

Free Facility

  • Free for up to 1 hour
  • Located in the Mid Stay Car Park. Follow signs for 'Free Set Down'

We offer a free pick up and drop off option from a dedicated area in the Mid Stay Car Park. Just a 5 minute courtesy bus ride away from the terminal forecourt (buses run every 10 minutes). Perfect if you want to accompany friends and family to the terminal or assist them from arrivals. Free for up to 1 hour, £1 up to 2 hours. Daily rates for Mid Stay Car Park apply after 2 hours.

Express Set Down Discount Scheme

This scheme is open to all residents living within a 10 mile radius of Stansted Airport.

Following an update on 1st June 2015, it is no longer available for commercial use and all licensed Hackney Carriage/private hire vehicles will be excluded from the scheme.

To learn more about the scheme, simply click on the link below.

Express Set Down Discount Scheme