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Application Forms

All the forms you need when applying for or maintaining your organisation's passes can be downloaded here.

New MAG Application Forms

Co 1 - Letter of Establishment 

Co 2 - Authorised Signatory Request

Co 3 - Authorised Signatory Cancellation

Co 4 - Letter of Support & Sponsorship

Co 5 - Access Level Support and Sponsorship


ID 1 - Security ID Applications

ID 2 - Additional Options

ID 3 - Application Details

ID 4 - Application Declarations

ID 5 - Security ID Support - Not Directly Employed

ID 6 - Security ID Support - Timeline History

ID 7 - Background Clearance Approval


Opt 1 - Gap Reference Pro-forma


Misc. 1 - Returned Security ID

Misc. 2 - Failure to Return Security ID

Misc. 4 - Reactivation of a Security ID

Misc. 5 - Lost or Stolen Security ID Report


Application Forms

Form 1: Application for a full or 6 -60 day going to a full ID pass

For permanent or 6- 60 day going to a full pass (applying at the same time).

Download Form 1 (216KB PDF)

Form 2: Reference details continuation sheet

Some applications will need more references, depending on the employment record of the applicant.

Download Form 2 (88KB PDF)

Form 3: Reactivating Stored ID Passes

Use Form 3 for reactivating passes for seasonally retained cabin crew, student holiday workers or employees on unpaid leave / sabbatical / zero hour contracts.

Download Form 3 (46KB PDF)

Form 4: Change of ID pass details

If any of a passholder's details have changed, you need Form 4. This includes changes of name, job title, likeness or access levels.

Download Form 4 (127KB PDF)

Form 6: Notification of a lost or stolen pass

Give notice of lost or stolen passes by telephone first, then submit this form promptly.

Download Form 6 (96KB PDF)

Form 7: Reinstatement form

If a pass has become "parked" (not used for over 60 days), use Form 7 to have it revalidated.

Download Form 7 (63KB PDF)

Form 9: Application for a pass for diplomats and persons with statutory rights of access

Most signatories will not need this form.

Download Form 9 (88KB PDF)

Form 11: Form to ask for the release of data

The Data Protection Act provides specific protection against unauthorised disclosure.

Download Form 11 (140KB PDF)

Form 12: Vehicle application form

For vehicles that are to be driven airside.

Download Form 12 (394KB PDF)

Guidance Note - Vehicle Airside Insurance Requirements - April 2011 (87KB PDF)

Form 14: Airport ID scheme enquiry form

For companies or organisations which are new to the airport environment – perhaps dealing with a contract for work for the first time. Set up an account with us by completing this form and supplying the supporting documents.

Download Form 14 (55KB PDF)

Form 15: Airport ID scheme change of company details

For companies or organisations which need to make changes to their accounts with the airport.

Download Form 15 (53KB PDF)

Form 16: Airport ID scheme authorised signatory nomination form

Authorised signatories must be nominated on this form before they can be appointed and receive training.

Download Form 16 (241KB PDF)

Form 17: Authorised signatory sample signature form

When appointing signatories we need a sample signature. Please use this form.

Download Form 17 (141KB PDF)

Form 18: Authorised signatory leavers form

Please use this form to tell us about authorised signatories who will be leaving your organisation.

Download Form 18 (21KB PDF)

Form 19: ID Application Pack File Note

A template to help signatories keep and submit file notes in the appropriate manner

Download Form 19 (120KB PDF)

Form 20: Stansted Tools of the Trade Application Form

This form is for those companies applying for Tools of the Trade cards at Stansted Airport only.

Download Form 20 (21KB PDF)

Form 21: Multi-Pass Application Form

Application for an airside pass for passholders working for more than one company at the airport

Download Form 21 (132KB PDF)

Form 22: Notification of lost or stolen Airside vehicle pass

Use this form to notify us of the loss of an airside vehicle pass. A replacement airside vehicle pass will not be issued unless this Notification Form has been completed in full and authorised by a recognised Authorised Signatory.

Download Form 22 (257KB PDF)

Form 23: Safety Critical Workers Permit Application Form - for use by MAG personnel only.

Download Form 23 (263KB PDF)

Template letters for you to use

We have prepared these templates based on our authorised signatory training programme. They meet most if not all of the circumstances you are likely to meet. If you wish to vary the content, please ensure that you do not amend the questions the template letters pose to each recipient – these are set out in the direction that we have to ask you to follow. Please feel free to change certain issues of style or tone and remember that you should use your organisation's letterhead when preparing the letters. All the templates are in Microsoft Word format so they can easily be edited.

Proforma 1: Employment Reference

For referees, not for the current employer.

Download Proforma 1 (32KB DOC)

Proforma 2: Sponsoring Company reference

For the current or most recent employer.

Download Proforma 2 (27KB DOC)

Proforma 3: Self Employment reference

To verify details when an applicant has been self-employed.

Download Proforma 3 (32KB DOC)

Proforma 4: Employment in Family Business reference

To verify details when an applicant was employed by their own family.

Download Proforma 4 (36KB DOC)

Proforma 5: Employment Agency reference

If your applicant's employment was with an agency.

Download Proforma 5 (34KB DOC)

Proforma 6: JobCentre Plus reference

If your applicant was unemployed.

Download Proforma 6 (32KB DOC)

Proforma 7: HMRC reference

If in a family business or self-employed and those businesses are no longer listed.

Download Proforma 7 (28KB DOC)

Proforma 8: Education reference

References from schools, colleges and universities.

Download Proforma 8 (31KB DOC)

Proforma 9: Gap reference

To check any gaps of over 28 days in an employment record. One reference per gap is required.

Download Proforma 9 (36KB DOC)

Proforma 10: Voluntary Sector reference

If an applicant has spent time in the voluntary sector.

Download Proforma 10 (31KB DOC)

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