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Internet Access

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Free Wi-Fi 

Free wi-fi is available throughout the terminal for four hours per registered device per day. Users complete a simple registration process and once completed the network will recognise previously registered devices and automatically connect you. The free network is _stanstedairport.

When using wi-fi services past the allotted four hours the following charges apply:

1 to 4 hours FREE
24 hours £9
6 months £70
12 months £130 

(all inc vat)

Your equipment

You'll need a wireless compatible (wi-fi 802.11b) device. Most modern laptops have this function built in and many others can be upgraded with a wireless networking card (you can buy these at the airport).

Network providers

Wireless internet access at London Stansted is provided by Virgin

How to connect

  • Turn on your wireless-enabled device.
  • When prompted choose wi-fi network '_stanstedairport' and follow on-screen instructions.