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Charity Partners

In 2013/14, staff at Stansted Airport staff nominated Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust as the airport’s charity partner. Staff at the airport helped to raise over £14,000 for the charity.

Following the recent change in ownership, the selection process for a charity partner is currently under review.

Charity Partners

2012 Panathlon Challenge

In 2012, London Stansted Airport made the Panathlon Challenge our charity partner for the year. The Panathlon Challenge involved working with local schools across the South East in promoting sports participation for disabled young children across the region.

2013 Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Staff at London Stansted Airport chose Essex and Herts Air Ambulance service as our designated charity of choice for 2013. Staff were involved in various fundraising activities and promotional work, in order to raise public awareness of the free life-saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service.

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