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Planning your trip

  • To make your journey easier, here are a few tips:

    • You will be faced with 2 options; EU or non-EU.
    • Please do not use mobile phones in this area.
    • Please have you passport open at the photo page ready for scanning.

    Please note that due to tighter restrictions all passports need to be scanned at the desk, which may take a few minutes.



    If your passport has this symbol on the front cover then you have a biometric passport and are able to use the e-gates.

    You can use these if you are British, from the EEX, Switzerland or Liechtenstein and have a new biometric passport.

    Instead of queuing to go through passport control, you can make your journey easier by using the e-gates – simply follow the instructions at the gate.

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  • Upon arrival at London Stansted Airport, Passport Control FastTrack allows you access to a dedicated, limited-access queue to Border Force’s passport control checkpoint. Passport Control FastTrack is open 7am - 2am.

    Click here to book Passport Control FastTrack*Please note, this service is subject to availability and is not available if you are travelling from Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. View Passport Control Terms and Conditions here.
  • If you have goods to declare in excess of the allowance and commercial goods, please go to the red Customs point. If you have nothing to declare:

    If your journey started in a European Union country (your hold baggage will have a green-edged tag), use the blue exit.

    If your journey began outside the EU (your hold baggage will have a white tag), use the green channel.

    If your journey began outside the EU but you transferred through an EU country before arriving at this airport, use the green channel.

    Connecting passengers

    If you are connecting from an international flight to a UK flight you must clear Customs and immigration.

    When booking connecting flights please ensure that your inbound flight arrives a minimum of two hours before the departure time of your outbound flight.

    Here’s a general guide to how early you should arrive:

    • Long haul flights – three hours before your scheduled departure
    • European flights – two hours before your scheduled departure
    • UK and Ireland flights – two hours before your scheduled departure

    Channel Islands arrivals

    Although you are not subject to passport control, you will need to pass through HM Customs after collecting your baggage.

    Ireland arrivals

    You should go through the blue customs channel, unless you have something to declare to HM Customs.

    Travel advice

    For your safety and to avoid delays to your journey, please note the following advice:

    • Never carry anything into the UK for somebody else.
    • Never bring goods which are prohibited into the UK. If in doubt, ask at the Customs enquiry point.

    If you are unsure about your duty/tax free entitlement, go to the Customs enquiry point.

    Customs allowances

    To find out exactly what you can take through Customs (for the UK or any other country), visit our Duty Free Allowances page.

    For further information visit the HM Revenue & Customs website or call 0845 010 9000.

  • After passport control, follow the arrivals signs to the baggage reclaim area and check the information screens to find the correct carousel.

    Baggage trolleys are provided in the reclaim hall and other key areas around the terminal building – please help yourself if you require one.

    There may be baggage from more than one flight on each carousel so please be patient and try not to block access for others. In the interests of safety, children (or adults) must must not ride on the trolleys.

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  • Our integrated public transport hub is a state-of-the art interchange for rail and bus services to Greater London and the surrounding areas.

    If you’ve parked at the airport, check how you need to pay. Do you need to visit a pay station before you leave the car park?

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  • STN Arrivals Map

    Here is a handy map for London Stansted Airport for the arrivals at the main terminal, so you can plan out your journey.

    If you are picking someone up from the airport - see where you can park that will guide you to where you need to be.

    Pick Up and Drop Off Information