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Stansted Airport Security And Baggage

What can I take through security?

All passengers must pass through airport security control after check-in and before entering the departure lounge at London Stansted.

Fast Track security

FastTrack is a dedicated channel to enable you to fly through security and reach the departure lounge more quickly. It will be available to pre-book soon but at the moment is only available as part of a Valet Car Park booking, Mid Stay Express booking, Stansted Express First Class booking or as part of a premium airline seat reservation.

Security update

Additional security checks

In the interests of security, all departing passengers may be required to be screened using security (body) scanning equipment at Stansted Airport. 

Further information on the use of security scanners can be found on the Department for Transport website at www.dft.gov.uk.

Follow these 4 simple steps to fly through security:
Security Steps
London Stansted Airport Escape Lounge