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Group Travel By Coach

If you are dropping off or collecting a group from Stansted Airport, this step-by-step guide will help you and your customers travel smoothly through the airport.


A departure fee has now been introduced for all non-scheduled charter coach and group travel services who wish to use the coach station facility. London Stansted has worked with Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) to agree the charging scheme for non scheduled operators.

Roll Up - £10 + VAT per coach

Pre-Paid Book of 20 tickets - £160 + VAT.

Coaches dropping off passengers remains free of charge.

The process of paying the fee remains the same as all other charter coach departuresas stated below.

  • Roll up: £10 plus VAT = £12.00 per departure
  • Pre-paid book of 20 tickets: £160 plus VAT per book = £192 per book
  • Dropping off passengers: free of charge

All vehicles less than 2.2m high or with fewer than nine seats including driver are to use the Short Stay Car Park facilities for picking up passengers unless authorised by London Stansted.

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Roll-up process

All charter/group travel operators picking up passengers from the airport who wish to pay on the day, please report to the coach station management office next to bays 29 - 39 upon arrival at the airport coach station.

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Pre-paid book of tickets

A book of 20 pre-paid departure vouchers is available online. The cost of the book of pre-paid tickets represents a SAVING OF 25% (£40 plus VAT) per 20 departures compared with the roll-up price.

Purchase online: www.stanstedairportcoachparking.com

Dropping off groups of passengers will remain free of charge for all operators and only a departure fee will apply when picking up passengers for the coach station.

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Pick-up and drop-off bays

Please use the following bay numbers:

  • Drop-off: Bays 4 - 9
  • Pick-up: Bays 32 - 39

Wheelchair lift accessible location: Bay 29

Map of Stansted Airport coach station (PDF format)

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Pre-paid voucher terms and conditions

  1. Pre-paid vouchers can only be redeemed by the operator named on the front of the ticket.
  2. Pre-paid vouchers MUST be handed to the Coach Station Management Team only, prior to loading, for each departure from the coach station.
  3. Pre-paid vouchers are not valid if defaced or altered in any way.
  4. Pre-paid vouchers are not transferable or refundable.
  5. Any operator not adhering to the terms and conditions will be refused access to the bus and coach station.

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Operational rules

  1. Drivers must not exceed the 5mph speed limit in force within the Bus and Coach Station area.
  2. All drivers or customer service staff are to wear a high-visibility waistcoat or jacket when loading or unloading their vehicle.
  3. Give way to reversing vehicles at all times.
  4. Coaches must not be left unattended whilst parked in bays 1 - 39.
  5. All drivers in the layover area are to use the designated walkways to cross to the bay area.
  6. No operator is to fly-tip in the coach station area
  7. Only proceed to the pick-up bays when passengers are ready to board. Maximum stay in the pick-up or drop-off bays is 20 minutes. Prior to loading, your vehicle must remain in the layover area at the back of the coach station.

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