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Help & Advice

Help & Advice

At London Stansted Airport we are forever striving to make the journey of all of our passengers as pleasent and comfortable as possible.

Contact Us

Passengers can use the information on the Contact Us page to contact specific departments of London Stansted Airport. Whether you need a contact number for booking car parking or have a query regarding immigration policy, we have listed all direct telephone and e-mail contacts to aid your enquiry process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have organised the most frequently asked questions from passengers into six key query areas which we believe cover the main issues you will likely face before, during or after travel.

Stay Up to Date

Keep updated with the latest news and information from London Stansted Airport. Our various useful sources of online information include e-mail newsletters, mobile apps and dedicated travel updates, alongside our various official social networking pages.

Accessibility Statement

London Stansted Airport acts in line with the Equality Act in making sure that every aspect of this website is accessible to those with hearing or visual difficulties, alongside users who may have other motor and cognitive impairment.

Terms and Conditions

We have a range of specified terms & conditions for our website in relation to our responsibilities and your obligations when using our website. We also have specific terms & conditions for core departments of the airport such as car parking, alongside terms & conditions for related parties such as Holiday Extras.


We have core policies in place for user privacy, where we detail to passengers what information we may collect through our websites and what that information may be used for, while you can also find information on how to go about claiming a refund on items bought within the airport.

Your Feedback

Submitting your feeback is easy. Simply enter your contact details and feedback and the following page and we shall be in touch in due course.

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