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Special Assistance

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Special Assistance

Information and advice to help passengers with special needs plan their route through Stansted Airport, plus general help and advice for overseas travel.

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In The Terminal

In the Terminal

The special assistance help desk is at the front of the terminal building, between Check-in Zones D and E and is staffed 24 hours a day.

There are a range of facilities for those requiring special assistance at Stansted Airport. A number of airport staff are proficient in BSL Stage 1 and the majority have been trained in deaf awareness, while guide and hearing dogs are the only dogs permitted in the terminal buildings.

Request Special Assistance

Stansted Airport has responsibility at the airport and the airline has responsibility when you are on board the aircraft. Please click below for useful information when you wish to receive special assistance at the airport.

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Before Leaving Home Image

Before Leaving Home

Arguably the most important items to include in your packing prior to departing for the airport would be any necessary medication for placement in your hand luggage. 

Further items to consider for inclusion include Syringes or injection pens carried for the treatment of diabetes or anaphylactic shock, while any passengers using a wheelchair should note down the dimensions and weight of your wheelchair as these are what defines whether it needs to be stored in the aircraft hold.  





Public Transport

Stansted Airport is not only a leading destination for airport travel, with bus and coach services running alongside rail transportation from the station located directly below the terminal building.

Most bus and coach services will be able to carry a folded wheelchair, as long as passengers can board unaided. Please contact the relevant operator for further information. 

A dedicated 24x7 Limited taxi service is based at the airport and can offer assistance to passengers with special needs.


Public Transport at Stansted Airport
Help Points at Stansted Airport

Help Points

Help Phones are readily located beside the main terminal doors at Stansted Airport and in each zone of the Short Stay Car Park, providing assistance getting to check-in if required.