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In The Terminal

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In The Terminal

The special assistance help desk is at the front of the terminal building, between Check-in Zones D and E. It is staffed 24 hours a day.

Facilities for the hard of hearing

Induction loops are fitted in certain areas of the terminal and satellites, and are identified by the sympathetic ear sign. All telephones in the airport are fitted with induction couplers. Public text phones are provided in certain areas. A number of airport staff are proficient in BSL Stage 1 and the majority have been trained in deaf awareness. Some staff members can finger-spell.

Passengers  are able to take their Electric Mobility Aid (EMA) through Terminal security.  An Air Safe Plug will be provided to you if necessary which will need to be handed over to the special assistance/airline staff at the departure gate.

Facilities for the blind and partially sighted

Guide and hearing dogs are the only dogs allowed in the terminal buildings. The airport directional signs are black on yellow, providing optimum contrast. Reserved seating areas aim to provide low-level flight information screens, but if you have difficulty seeing the monitors please advise your airline at check-in.

Getting to your gate

A transit system connects the departure lounge with the satellite buildings where the departure gates are located. The same service operates for returning passengers:

  • All trains are fully wheelchair accessible.
  • Each train has help points at either end of the car.
  • Trains normally run every three minutes. Travel is free.

Security checks

The safety and security of passengers is our number one priority. All passengers must pass through security control before they enter the departure lounge. Wheelchair users will inevitably activate the archway metal detector, and security personnel are obliged to hand-search passengers who activate the alarms; therefore chair and passenger will be searched. You can ask to be searched in private if you prefer.

Passengers are able to take their own wheelchair or mobility aid all the way through the airport journey to the aircraft.  This will loaded into the hold of the aircraft once you have boarded.

There is also a dedicated security lane available for the convenience of our passengers.


Unisex accessible toilets are provided on the main concourse and within the departures lounge. Parents travelling with children are welcome to use the unisex accessible toilets.

We are committed to ensuring our accessible toilets are kept in a satisfactory condition at all times and some units, including those in the main departure lounge, are fitted with RADAR keys ( Signs on each unit explain how to obtain a key.

For further enquiries about special needs assistance at Stansted Airport please call 0844 335 1803. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please call the Stansted minicom service on +44 (0)1279 663 725.