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About Clermont

A Volcanic Student City

A student city surrounded by not one but eighty volcanos – if that sounds perfect to you then you might be a little weird…and quite possibly destined to visit the French city of Clermont. While it boasts many of the features found in other French cities, Clermont is famous for adding its own twist, such as building the city’s cathedral out of volcanic rock sourced from the nearby chain. Clermont is also considered a mecca for students in France as it has a long history of independence, creativity and innovation dating back to famous chemist Blaise Pascal and even further to the Roman Emperor Avitus, who both came from the city. Add in some of the best weather in France and a penchant for Clermont doesn’t sound so weird after all.

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There’s only one 5-star hotel in Clermont, the spectacular Hotel Princesse Flore which sits at the edge of the city. However, the true Clermont experience is found at any of the smaller independent hotels dotted around the city, including the quirky Hotel Clermont Estaing and the lavish Royal Hotel Saint-Mart. Backpackers and thrifty tourists should also consider some of the chain hotels in the city centre, which often have good deals.

Clermont has everything a shopper could want, from sprawling department stores to small independent boutiques. The city has a particularly good reputation for antiques, holding several fairs through the week and larger ones on the weekend for antique dealers to sell their wares. If you want to go on a big shopping spree, look no further than the Place de Jaude which features several department stores and shopping centres.

Any guide on Clermont will tell you that the best restaurant in the city is Bol & Bagel, a breakfast and brunch joint that specialises in cereal-themed cocktails and outlandish breakfast feasts. Once you’ve booked in at Bol & Bagel there are plenty of other quirky cafes to fill the other meals during your visit. Be sure to try some of the local cheese as many believe that the best cheeses in France come from the region. Those in search of something sweet should pay a visit to one of the closest bakers, some of which will even give you an extra pain au chocolate in return for a smile.

As you’d expect from the bohemian atmosphere of Clermont, artistic events are given special significance in the city. While these festivals are more likely to be intellectually challenging than relaxing, there are a few we recommend acting as the centrepiece of your holiday:


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

The largest film festival in France, overtaking Cannes as it’s open to the public, the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is considered the high-point of the calendar in the city. Look out for contributions from some of the biggest names in the business as well as plenty of rising stars.



A festival unlike any other, Europavox is focused on giving the musicians of Europe a platform to share their unique sound. Many great French and international musicians have visited in the last few years and the number is growing with each festival. If you love world music this will be a perfect day out.

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