Pre-order your currency with the Change Group

ChangeGroup is a world leader in currency exchange, with 60+ currencies to choose from at conveniently located exchange bureaus across the UK, including at London Stansted Airport.

You can conveniently access our branches in the landside area, departure lounge and baggage reclaim zone as well as 26 ATMS.

Here’s how you can order your travel money with ChangeGroup:

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Place an order on the ChangeGroup website

Get your travel money sorted in advance and save big! Simply place your order online and collect it at Stansted airport before you fly. You won't have to worry about commission fees, and all the foreign currencies you need will be waiting for you.

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Order at one of ChangeGroup’s airport branches

Don't have time to order online? No worries! ChangeGroup's airport branches offer speedy foreign currency exchange services for busy travelers like you. We are operating from 03:00-01:00 in various locations within the airport, to serve our national and international travelers.

Why exchange your currency with ChangeGroup?

  • We’re just around the corner with our convenient locations

  • We have 30 years of experience in providing foreign currencies to travellers

  • We offer 60+ currencies, including the most exotic ones.

  • In addition, we offer other services such as
    - Buy-Back guarantee : Avoid being stuck with the foreign currency you don't need! Get our Buyback Guarantee for £5.99 and take as much currency as you like and sell back any leftovers at the same rate you bought it for. Enjoy your travels worry-free. Purchase online or in-branch.
    - Western Union money transfers: Don't let distance keep you from supporting your loved ones. ChangeGroup's Western Union money transfer service is here to help you send money anywhere in the world, with speed and reliability you can count on.

  • Our team of experts are always here to help, with a smile!

*Please note that certain currencies may be subject to legal restrictions and may not be available for purchase. Terms and Conditions apply for Buyback guarantee.


For more information about our services and locations please visit our website.