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Where to park if you’re picking up or dropping off

pick up and drop off

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Dropping Off or Picking Up 

There are different options for dropping off or picking someone up from London Stansted. We have options at our Short Stay car parks, or a free alternative at our Mid Stay car park. You can either pick up or drop off at both locations. We also have an Express Set Down option for quick drop-offs.

You can make a payment at any of the automatic ticket machines in and around the terminal building. Alternatively, using the ticket received at the barrier on entrance, insert your ticket into the barrier followed by a credit/debit card upon departure. Your payment card will be debited the correct amount and a receipt offered.

pick up and drop off map at Stansted Airport

Pick Up & Drop Off Options

Express Set Down

Short Stay

Mid Stay

Express Set Down

Drop off only

This option is most suitable for a quick drop off for loved ones or friends. It is the most convenient option for passengers, with check-in just minutes away.

Up to 15 mins


Over 15 mins


Payment can be made via card or exact change. Vehicles must not be left unattended. Unattended vehicles may be towed and will incur a towing fee.

There will be a £20 charge for re-entering within 30 minutes of first entering the car park.


Short Stay Car Parks (Orange, Green & Blue)

Pick up or drop off

Follow signs for 'Short Stay Car Park'

You can pick up or drop off in the Orange, Green & Blue Short Stay car parks. This is ideal if you want to accompany passengers or head into the terminal to meet someone.

Up to 30 minutes


Up to 1 hour


Up to 2 hours


Up to 4 hours



Mid Stay Car Park

Pick up or drop off

We have a free pick up or drop off option at our Mid Stay car park. This car park is free for up to 60 minutes. 

Up to 60 minutes


Next hour


After 2 hours

Day rate

After your first free 60 minutes, you will be charged £5 for the second hour. Any time exceeding, you will be charged a day rate. Details of this can be found on our Turn Up & Park page.

There will be a £30 charge for re-entering within 1 hour of first entering the car park. 


For any times exceeding 4 hours, please see our Turn Up & Park page for more details.

Express Set Down Discount Scheme

This scheme is open to all residents living within a 10 mile radius of Stansted Airport.

Please complete the application form here.