Travelling with Children

Make your journey as smooth as possible if you're travelling with babies, toddlers or children

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Travelling with children

Contact your airline

Contact your airline in advance to see what they offer onboard for children, such as sky cots, baby food, toddler meals and children's entertainment. Ask whether you can reserve seats in advance, so you can guarantee you're all flying together as a family. If you can, book a flight that's not likely to be full. You may get an empty seat next to you or even a free row. To avoid accentuating tiredness, try and fly during reasonable daytime hours, so that your children’s daily routine isn’t disrupted too much.

Baby changing facilities on arrival

At London Stansted Airport, there are baby changing facilities at the following locations on arrival:

  • International Baggage Reclaim - family room near reclaim 1, baby change cubicles in both ladies' and gents' toilets near reclaim 9.

  • UK Baggage Reclaim - baby change in ladies' toilets.

  • Arrivals route from Gates 40 to 59 - baby change with accessible toilet.

  • Main arrivals greeting area - baby change cubicles in both ladies' and gents' toilets.

Baby changing facilities on departure

At London Stansted Airport, there are baby changing facilities at the following locations on departure:

  • In both ladies' and men's toilets in zone A check-in area.

  • Baby changing and nursing room located in the main departure lounge.

  • Gates 1 to 19 - family room near Gate 13.

  • Gates 20 to 39 - family room near Gates 33/34.

  • Gates 40 to 50 - family room near Gate 43.

  • Gates 51 to 59 - family room near Gate 59.

  • Gates 81 to 88 - baby change with accessible toilet and ladies' toilet.

Food and other essentials

Most restaurants and bars provide high chairs and children's menus. Boots supplies baby essentials including nappies, formula milk and baby wipes.


There is a breastfeeding room located in the main departures lounge, as well as family rooms located near several of the gates. On arrival there is also a family room at the International Baggage Reclaim. Please note that we promote feeding across our site and don't restrict where this can take place.  

At the airport

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Airport parking

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Escape Lounge

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