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Short Stay Parking

Perfect for 1-2 day trips, Stansted short stay parking is right next to the terminal building for an easy walk to check-in.

What is Short Stay Parking?

Short Stay Parking at London Stansted is right next to the terminal, making it a great option when you want a short route to check-in. There are five zones to choose from when you book Short Stay parking, so the walk to the terminal will take between one and ten minutes, depending on where you are parked. You can enjoy total peace of mind in this car park with 24-hour CCTV, floodlights and regular staff patrols. You’ll also keep your keys, so you can enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that your car is safe and secure and will be exactly where you left it when you return.

Price from £45.00 (3 days)

Short Stay Parking at Stansted Airport

Premium spaces

In short stay parking, giving you convenience as a promise 

Right next to the terminal

A speedy route to check-in

Enjoy peace of mind that your car is secure

With our Park Mark-awarded official car park

How it works

  1. Drive up to the entry barrier where Automatic Number Plate Recognition will recognise your number plate and the barrier will raise.
  2. Find a parking space and walk the short distance to the terminal. Keep hold of your keys.
  3. When you return, simply walk back to your car, remembering which coloured zone you have parked in.
  4. To leave the car park, simply drive up to the exit barrier where the Automatic Number Plate Recognition will again recognise your number plate and the barrier will raise automatically.

Car park location

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Why book with us?

We're experts in London Stansted short stay airport parking. All of our short stay car parks are within a short walk from check-in with no need to catch a shuttle bus. Pre-book your space today. 


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Allocated A Space In Short Stay
Miles - 22 Feb, 2018
Got allocated a space in the short stay which is within walking distance to the terminal. From plane door to car door was 13 minutes which must be a record. No waiting for a packed slow bus. Worth paying the few quid extra.
Used Short Stay Blue
Used Short Stay Blue and love the ease of walking to the terminal rather than waiting for the bus.