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Read on for more information about commercial opportunities at London Stansted Airport, including route development, in-terminal opportunities, property and supply chain

London Stansted Terminal
Aerial view of London Stansted

Why Stansted?

London Stansted Airport served over 28 million passengers in 2019 and is the only airport in London with significant runway capacity, with permission to grow to 43 million passengers. The airport provides a simple and efficient passenger journey through an iconic terminal designed by the architect Norman Foster. It has one of the most efficient airfields of all major airports with average taxi times to the runway of five minutes. If you are looking to start services from London Stansted please contact the business development team who would be delighted to provide you with more information.

Stansted terminal

Retail opportunities

Our retail team look after the existing shopping and restaurant brands at the Airport and are dedicated to providing passengers with an enjoyable and unique experience before even reaching their intended destinations. Retail concessions are contracted through tender.

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Aviation Development

London Stansted Airport is London's third airport (4th in the UK), serving over 28m passengers each year. It is the only major London airport with significant runway capacity and offers a European route network of 200 destinations across 40 countries which is unrivalled in the UK, providing London with more visitors from Europe than any other airport.

View of stansted property

MAG Property

MAG Property is the property and development arm of the country's largest UK-owned airport operator. We provide over 300,000 sq.m. (3,230,000 sq.ft.) of commercial accommodation at Stansted Airport, from offices to fuel facilities, airline lounges to aircraft hangars. We work with more than 200 businesses that are heavily reliant on the availability of accommodation, the quality of our property management and our commitment to providing choice, quality, hospitality and value for money.

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Conditions of use

Conduct your business from the capable base of London Stansted Airport. Find out more information by contacting the Business Development team, who can point you in the right direction when looking to operate from the airport. In terms of flights in and out of the airport, there are conditions of use which outline terms such as operational conditions and data requirements.

Airport advertising

Airport advertising

We offer a number of varied and eye-catching media sites, perfect for communicating with the high-value business or leisure traveller.

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Become an affiliate

Sign up now to begin earning commission with our Car Park Affiliate Programme, allowing you to take advantage of our car parking products which currently enjoy low cancellation rates and a range of promotional opportunities.

Supply chain

Supply chain

Each year MAG procures a diverse range of goods and services directly through our very own Supply Chain. We therefore have a number of exciting new business opportunities available to our suppliers, including tender and tender opportunities.

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ID centre

If you're an authorised signatory or a manager responsible for administering Stansted’s ID pass scheme in your organisation, this site is for you. You can download forms, view the regulations, and make appointments. We will continue to develop the content on this site and welcome your views and feedback.

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