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About Aarhus

Thriving hot-spot of Danish life

As the second largest city in Denmark Aarhus is a thriving hot-spot of Danish life, with a collection of some of the finest museums in the country and a social scene positively teeming with cosmopolitan energy.

For centuries Aarhus has captivated the imagination of travellers from across the world with its picturesque surroundings of sweeping green landscape, ancient woodland and gorgeous beaches. This closeness with its natural surroundings lends Aarhus a fairy tale charm, but you won’t find any gingerbread house here, instead the culinary offerings are based around fresh, seasonal produce grown locally and to great effect in the huge variety of local restaurants and bars.

There is a range of high quality accommodation to suit all budgets from back-packers upwards, and not forgetting the bustling fashion-focused Latin Quarter, where the winding cobble-stone lanes yield boutique stores and quirky independent merchants.