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Munich Beer Halls

Munich Beer Halls

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For beer enthusiasts, Munich is a must - especially during Oktoberfest: its infamous celebration of things Bavarian. Here, there are no half measures. Locals drink together on vast communal tables beneath expansive vaulted ceilings with their Maßkrug (glass beer tankard) filled to the litre mark.

If the weather abides, seek out one of the city’s famed beer gardens. Munich boasts the largest in the whole of Germany, with room for some 8,000 revellers.

Cologne - Kolsch

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While Cologne’s beautiful Gothic cathedral dominates the Old Town skyline, at ground level it is the brewery pubs that rule.

Drink in the traditional beer houses where the waiters, known as Köbes, dress in uniforms of a bygone era (think: Victorian policemen) and only serve Kölsch in 0.2 litre glasses. Don’t be dismayed by the half-measures though: the Köbes are extremely efficient and will deliver a fresh drink without you even asking.



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Düsseldorf is a city brimming with astounding modern architecture, attention-grabbing art galleries and Alt, the ‘old and cold’ beer.

Alt is best sampled in the historical centre, Altstadt, where there are nearly 200 places to chose from - some of which have stood since the 13th century. Keep your eyes peeled for a sign advertising Sticke, the stronger version of Alt, that brewers only produce it twice a year - when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Berlin Nightlife

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Marked by history and alive with a grungy, graffitied alternative culture, the German capital is a delight to visit.

Berlin boasts some seriously boisterous nightlife, where small bars care not for last orders, and the throb of techno can still be heard through nightclub walls come Monday morning. Berliner Weisse is the beer of choice (try both the raspberry and woodruff syrups) and at just 3% you too can drink it all night long.

Berlin Nightlife


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With its dollhouse buildings, twisting cobbled alleys and 900-year-old churches, Bremen can feel like a mysterious fairytale city. Amid the atmospheric beauty, its hard to imagine Bremenis the birthplace of the Germanys best selling lager.

Today, Becks is made on an industrial scale, and can be found in the hand of drinkers from London to Sydney. To find out how this popular beverage is made, take the brewery tour, and then head into town to enjoy glass (or five). In Bremen the bar closes when the last person leaves.


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For a country famous for its beer, the sign of a good port is surely whether or not the drinking establishments can quench the thirst of the throngs of alighting sailors. This is where Hamburg excels.

Germany’s largest port is awash with bars and public houses, from the neon-vibrancy of the historic Reeperbahn to the alfresco seats sprawling across Grossneumarkt square. It also has an abundance of huge and traditional beer halls in which to eat, drink and be very merry indeed.

Hamburg, Germany