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The aviation industry creates many economic benefits and social opportunities, despite a number of challenges such as climate change, air quality, noise disturbance and the rapidly changing security environment.

Our report is an overview of how we manage these issues – what we said we would do over the last year, what we achieved and what we plan to do – which come together to form the various aspects of our sustainability programme.

CSR Reports

London Stansted Airport CSR report 2018-19

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London Stansted Airport CSR Report 2016-2017

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Previous reports

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2012 Data Table

VMAG CSR 2012-13

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Environment and Energy Policy

London Stansted is committed to continually improving our environmental and energy performance. 

View the policy here. 

Community Impact Study 2015

As we seek to make full use of our existing runway space and passenger numbers continually increase, Stansted Airport is aware of a sense of duty to the community that ensures as we continue to grow, our neighbours can thrive alongside us in accordance with promises underlined in our Sustainable Development Plan.

Community Impact Study 2015 Report

Employment Strategy

As the Regions largest single site employer, where over 10,850 staff are employed in 199 companies on Airport, we recognise the key role our Employment Strategy has to play in both the local and national economy.

In developing this next stage of our Airport wide Employment Strategy, we have reviewed our current strategy, assessed relevant national and local information and updated our targets. We will continue to develop our Employment Strategy in a proactive way and we will take further appropriate actions as the Airport develops.

View Stansted Employment Strategy – "Looking to the future"

View Stansted Employment Strategy update 2012

Airport Surface Access Strategy - Review 2010

In 2008, we successfully launched the Airport Surface Access Strategy 2008-2015 (ASAS) which contained 36 challenging targets, covering a variety of surface access modes. As part of our S106 planning obligations to grow the Airport, we committed to review of our ASAS every two years; this document is the first review of the 2008 ASAS.

View Stansted Surface Access Strategy Review (2010) – "Leading the way forward"

London Stansted Rail Vision 2012

London Stansted has launched its Rail Vision for improved rail connectivity 'On the Right Track'.

Download a copy of our Rail Vision 2012

Stansted Airport’s Response to the East Anglia Rail Franchise (March 2015)

View East Anglia Rail Franchise response

Air Quality Strategy

London Stansted had monitored, reported on and managed air quality for over ten years and has well established processes and procedures in place. The air quality monitoring around Stansted shows that it is well within the regulatory air quality limits. The trend for air quality has been one of continual improvement.

Our Air Quality Strategy (2010 - 2015) below demonstrates that we will continue to manage air quality in a proactive way, take further actions to reduce and mitigate the impact of the Airport operation on air quality, as well as work in partnership with our key stakeholders.

View Stansted Air Quality Strategy – "Creating an atmosphere for change"

Waste Strategy

Reducing waste, increasing recycling and improving our waste management practices are long standing commitments of London Stansted. Having proactively monitored, reported and managed Waste at the airport over the past decade, London Stansted has developed its next stage of our Waste Strategy for the next five years.

We have reviewed our current Strategy along with the current and predicted waste market and technology developments, assessed our options to improve how we manage our different types of waste, and updated our targets. We will continue to manage waste in a proactive way and we will take further appropriate actions to reduce and mitigate the impact of the Airport's operation.

View Stansted Waste Strategy – "Making a material difference"

Noise Strategy and Action Plan (2013 – 2018)

London Stansted has monitored, reported on and managed aircraft noise issues since the 1990’s and we have well established procedures and practices. In developing this update of our Noise Strategy, we actively consulted with the Airport’s Consultative Committee (ACC) and listened to their feedback. As a result we have developed several new actions that will be introduced over the lifetime of this five-year action plan and we will work closely with the ACC to achieve them.

View Executive Summary

View Stansted Noise Strategy and Action Plan (2013-2018) – "Building on a sound foundation"

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