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2022/23 CSR Progress Update Report

Our Corporate Social Responsibility promise is that when our business prospers, the regions and communities we serve will prosper too. Our MAG Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy- Working Together for a Brighter Future - builds on our strong track record for improving the way we operate as a business for the benefit of the communities, regions and environment around our airports.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the local community, we are dedicated to building and sustaining a positive dialogue with our neighbours: informing, involving, consulting and reporting back to them. Please find our latest annual report for FY23 below:

London Stansted Airport CSR Progress Update Report (Interactive)

London Stansted Airport CSR Progress Update Report (Accessible)


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MAG Group CSR report

Our Group CSR strategy details our wider corporate social responsibility goals that highlight the core values of Manchester Airport Groups.

Our CSR strategy is an important and integral part of our business strategy which is designed to enable us to deliver growth in a way that benefits local and regional communities and minimises the impacts associated with our operations.

Group 2017/18 report.

Group 2016/17 report.

Previous group reports can be accessed via the following link:


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