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New Innovative Technology To Reduce The Impact Of Aircraft Noise On Communities Around London Stansted Airport

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The airport has now submitted an Airspace Change Proposal to the CAA along with the Consultation Feedback Report:

View Consultation Feedback Report

London Stansted Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK carrying over 21 million passengers a year. As well as a key enabler of growth and jobs in the local community we help to connect business and leisure passengers to over 170 destinations across 32 countries.

In addition to being an economic catalyst for the East of England, we strive to be a responsible neighbour and that means operating in a sustainable way, both by sharing the benefits of living near an airport and limiting any environmental impacts that may be felt as a result of our operation.

We continue to look for ways in which we can manage and reduce the number of local people affected by noise as a result of our operations and we are delighted that we have been able to work in partnership with the community, airlines and industry bodies to introduce new and exciting innovations in aviation technology.

Together with the Stansted Airport Consultative Committee’s Environmental Issues Group, over the last two years we have conducted an airspace trial at Stansted that we feel demonstrates significant and positive improvements for the local area. The results of the trial are shared in these consultation documents and we want to hear the views from members of our local communities.

Click here to download a larger version of the maps included in our documents below:

To respond to this consultation, you can send your thoughts to us via email at:

Alternatively, write to us at:

Airspace Consultation Team
Airfield Operations
3rd Floor
Enterprise House
Stansted Airport
CM24 1QW

As part of your response, please indicate:

  • Your name and location.

  • If you are commenting on behalf of an organisation.

  • Whether or not you support adopting the technology used in the trial.

Please also indicate if you do not wish your name, or any other personal details to be included in the consultation feedback report.

Please note that the consultation period has now ended as of 27th November 2015

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