Noise In Your Area

Information about Flight Tracks and Aircraft Noise

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If you live near to London Stansted, or are thinking of moving to the area, this section of the website provides valuable information about flight tracks and aircraft noise.

Noise In Your Area

Those living or working very close to the airport may hear noise from aircraft that are still on the ground. Unlike the noise limits that apply to departing aircraft, there are no limits on other sources of noise that originate from the airport. However, at London Stansted we recognise the importance that the interests of the local community are considered. There are a number of agreements in place that restrict when and where engine testing can take place, including what time of the day. Also, there are restrictions on certain types of operations, such as cargo in specific areas of the airport.

Are you moving to an area near the airport? Do you want to know if or how a local community is affected by aircraft noise?

If so, this part of the website will provide you with some useful information. By clicking on the links below you can find out information about the areas where you live or work and understand how departing and arriving aircraft could affect you.

If you would like a summary of London Stansted's operations in relation to your property, then please contact the Flight Evaluation Unit (FEU) by email:

At London Stansted, there are a few local operating procedures that aircraft are requested to follow.

Pilots should avoid flying over the centre of Bishop's Stortford, unless for safety reasons. They should also avoid flying over Sawbridgeworth and Stansted Mountfitchet at heights below 2,500ft above sea level. Aircraft must also avoid flying over St Elizabeth’s Centre, Much Hadham at a height lower than 4,000ft above sea level.

We hope that our dedicated section of the website for noise provides answers to all the possible questions you may have. However, if you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.

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