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Noise Monitoring Reports

Noise Monitoring at London Stansted Airport

Noise Monitoring Reports

Aircraft noise is recorded at take off by our fixed noise monitors which are located underneath the departure flight paths.


In addition, we also have mobile noise monitoring equipment which is used to measure the noise levels in the communities close to the airport and assess how the impact may have changed over time.


Our monitors capture all noise in the vicinity for a three-month period, and by analysing the actual tracks of Stansted’s aircraft movements for that same period, we can identify the noise that relates to a Stansted aircraft movement and noise that does not. All work is carried out by an independent noise consultant who then compiles a report on the findings. These mobile noise monitor reports are given to the relevant Council for each area, as well as the local MP. London Stansted has a rolling program of sites where the monitors are placed and this enables us to establish trends in noise levels within the local community.


Click here for a factsheet about monitoring and reporting aircraft noise.


Noise Monitoring Reports

Harlow (2019)

Stebbing (2018)

Debden (2017)

Hadham (2017)

Bartholomew Green (2016)

High Easter (2016)

Thorley (2014)

Wareside (2013) 

Saffron Walden (2010/2011)

Thorley (2010 vs 2005)

Hatfield Broad Oak (2010)

Hatfield Heath (2009)

Wareside (2006)