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About Agadir

A taste of modern Morocco

Agadir is now the premier destination for those seeking a taste of modern Morocco. With its famed beach resorts visitors can bask in the sunny rays of this idyllic climate on the white sandy beaches that bridge this precious piece of Morocco with the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

You can then head back to the hotel, which range from expensive and elegant right in the centre of town, to the secluded and charming hotels and hostels based just outside the city. Although comfortable package holidays make Agadir the perfect location for families, you can still embrace everything that this truly authentic and sprawling city has to offer.

Despite offering a host of modern cultural delights, such as theatre festivals and documentary film-making award shows, you can still come back to search amongst the mysteries of the bazaar, for trinkets, treasures and a mouth-watering selection of traditional Moroccan food.