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About Nantes

Sprawling across the Loire River in the western Brittany region of France, Nantes is one of the oldest cities in the country. However, instead of being stuffy or bound to traditions, Nantes has evolved to become a hub of modern culture and a trendsetter for the ultra-fashionable cities of Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. Be sure to take time to see what events and exhibitions are on while you’re visiting as Nantes has a tradition of surprising both its citizens and visitors with sudden floods of creativity. If you love all things quirky and creative then there’s no better city to visit than Nantes.

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Although Nantes doesn’t have the same selection of accommodation that you may expect in Paris, you can be sure to find plenty of large hotels as well as a brilliant range of boutique establishments. If you’re looking for the very best places to stay in the city you should consider either the Radisson Blu, which revels in the city’s modern culture, or the Mercure Nantes Centre Grand Hotel, which offers a more traditional experience. Families and even thrifty backpackers will also find plenty of places to stay as even the cheaper hotels are of a high standard in the city centre.

Nantes is a shopper’s paradise with a selection of boutique shops and pedestrianised areas. You can easily find treasures and keepsakes as you wander between the never-ending independent stores and, unlike Paris, you’ll be able to get everything you want without breaking the bank as the merchants and artisans pride themselves on their good value. For a completely different experience you should also visit the Passage Pommeraye, which is famous throughout France as the most beautiful shopping centre – complete with marble flooring, Corinthian columns and exquisite masonry.

As you would expect from any French city, Nantes has plenty of food and drink to offer gourmet tourists. With its unique location across the Loire River and surrounded by farmland, there’s plenty of fresh fish to be eaten, as well as locally-grown produce including the unique green vegetable mâche. Visitors over the age of eighteen should be on the lookout for Nantes iconic Muscadet white wine, which can only be made in and around the city.

The incredible culture and creativity of Nantes is at its best when the city throws a festival. If you’re planning a visit to Nantes, or even a city within driving distance, make sure to check if there’s anything going on as an event in Nantes is not to be missed:

Le Voyage A Nantes

Celebrating the art and creativity of Nantes Le Voyage A Nantes runs throughout June, July and August as the city create a route for visitors to meet local artists, poets, performers and more. During the festival, there are spectacular events almost every day and you can never be sure what’s going to happen next. If you’re planning a summer break to Nantes this is the best time to visit.

Les Utopiales

One of the biggest and most influential sci-fi festivals in Europe, Les Utopiales has been running for almost 20 years and sees Nantes overrun by aliens, mutants and more from every corner of the universe. The festival is more focused on classic pulp sci-fi instead of superheroes and blockbuster films, so if you have a fan of Jules Verne or H. G. Wells in your family this will be perfect.


Calling Hellfest a heavy metal festival feels like a disservice, Hellfest is the ultimate heavy metal festival where Nantes is transformed into a rocker’s paradise, looking more like the cover of a megadeath album than a French city. Known around the world as the number one destination for metal fans, chances are if you’re a big enough metal fan you already have tickets but if you’re looking for a way to spice up your holiday for the teens in the family this is perfect.

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